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The “notebook kingdom” of Japan publishes all sorts of books & magazines on stationery, notebook strategies, planner tactics…there are even several books about the joys of four-color pens. There are books on notebook surgery and notebook combat written by notebook therapists. It’s a 手帳天国 (techou tengoku, notebook heaven).

In future posts I hope to get my hands on some of these fine publications & share them with you, but for now, please enjoy a little translation-poetry courtesy of amazon.jp & Google Translate.
happy note
How to make a happy note that alone time is more fun
shining note

Notebook making to find yourself more shining

“notebook that people can freely customize each, not only as a self-management tool, will be ‘important partner of life’, depending on usage.”

graffiti notes
Graffiti notebook surgery

“Graffiti change your life!

When incorporating graffiti in life, your ‘to observe the things power,’ ‘imagination to power’ ‘to express, tell forces’ will increase dramatically!

This book, The Power = graffiti force get to learn graffiti (powers of observation, imagination, expressive power) to explain, we introduce how to draw graffiti immediately incorporated into the notebook.

‘I do not draw a picture from becoming an adult,’ ‘there is no artistic taste in his’ graffiti-packed draw easily even in such a person.

Graffiti force to change the life Why do not you try to experience.”

notebook weapon

Let Shinobaseyo weapons that notebook to bag

“Note surgery, notebook surgery, book on notebook surgery is, I love.

If there is a place to learn in each of the idea, I am very happy.

The thing you want to export, the thinking in the brain, by visualization with a strong presence, in its real character, great consciousness works.

Date and pocketbook of time the written action plan will be the life of the scenario.”

stationery 200 percent

Work get on! The result is immediately out! Stationery 200% utilization surgery

“Stationery is not only ‘tool’ of the work, it is also the ‘weapon’.

By mastering its functions to the fullest, not only the work of efficiency and accuracy is improved much, stress will also be greatly reduced.”

notebook surgery

Really notebook surgery one minute head becomes better

“Edison was left behind 3700 book notes. Leonardo da Vinci, had wrote a research note over to 15,000 pages in 40 years. Now, you, you wake up in the notebook surgery, it is the turn to become a genius.”

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