Make Your Own Symbology

Do you ever go through old notebooks and end up feeling exhausted &/or disoriented from the ordeal? I feel this way whenever I have to read a good chunk of every page just to figure out what it’s about.

You know what’s cool? If you come up with a few symbols that represent the main kinds of content you tend to put in your notebooks, you don’t have to re-read everything…you can just have a quick look at the symbols labeling your content, find what you need, ignore what you don’t, and not waste time getting mentally discombobulated by it all.

Having your own symbology is useful both for long-term organization of notes (using different icons for ideas, research/book notes, gratitude, venting, dreams, etc) & for short-term use in everyday planning pages (using icons for tasks, deadlines, important information, ideas to follow up on, etc).

Patrick Rhone's dash-plus icons via http://patrickrhone.com/dashplus/

Patrick Rhone’s dash-plus icons via http://patrickrhone.com/dashplus/

Mike Rohde's sketchnote icons via https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohdesign/13792208535/

Mike Rohde’s sketchnote icons via https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohdesign/13792208535/

From the ever brilliant Kent from Oz.

From the ever brilliant Kent from Oz.


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