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Filofax Pocket Patent Fluoro Pink

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So Filofax finally made a fluoro pink *pocket size* binder (well, aside from that pink Domino with the elastic closure and the weird indent across the cover…that one doesn’t count).filofax-patent-pocket-fluoro-pink-large_1It’s a patent material, so it’s very shiny and glossy and squicky. Not sure what it’s going to look & feel like after it’s been kicking around in the cookie crumbs at the bottom of my backpack, but it’s nice for now.

The inside pockets are the same patent material as the outside, which is good for stickers. I had hopes that the stretchy pen loop would fit a decent sized gel pen, but no luck. Oh well! If you use fat pens you’re probably used to stashing them inside the rings anyway.
patent open

The color is a bit more salmon/orangey than the Original fluoro pink. Like a hot pink with a bit of orange mixed in. Which is very difficult to get an accurate photo of…it’s more bright/fluorescent in person. Fluorescent planners are great for people who tend to lose things amidst piles of books & notebooks, or (especially with small planners) in the bottom of a cluttered bag. A black planner might get lost in the mix, but a blindingly bright pink cover won’t!
patent original comparison

Is it going to edge my raspberry Metropol into retirement? Maybe…
external brain

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